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Automatic Investment Plan

Philequity is pleased to present the Automatic Investment Program (AIP)-- a facility that gives clients the option to instantly invest in any of the Philequity funds in an electronic and timely manner.

With AIP, investments are made convenient and hassle-free.

How does it work?

A fixed amount will be debited the clients' bank account on a regular schedule. Once enrolled, clients no longer need to fill out Investment Application Forms (IAFs) or make payments to the Philequity settlement banks. Instead, payments will be automatically debited from the bank account, credited to the fund of choice, and a confirmation notice will be received within 24 hours via email.

Currently, AIP is only available with BDO. We are closely working with other banks for this facility and will update this page for any new banking partners. Procedures for enrollment can be found here.

AIP joins an array of payment options available to you:

• Automatic Investment Program (AIP)
Arrange to automatically debit your bank account to invest a fixed amount on a regular basis. Currently, this facility is only available with BDO. We are in the process of negotiations with other banks.

• Cash Deposits with Banking Partners
No internet? No problem. Investments can be made by visiting any of Philequity’s partner banks with over 2,000 establishments to make a deposit. BDO, Eastwest, RCBC and Unionbank are our current partner banks.

• Checks
Simply submit a check payable to the fund of your choice.

• Online Banking
With the shift to digital platforms, you can swiftly add to your investments via online fund transfers with a click of a button. BDO, Eastwest, RCBC and Unionbank offer these services and you may coordinate with your branch of account for the process of enrollment.

• Post Dated Checks
Another worry-free method for making regular investments, submit post-dated checks payable to the fund of your choice.

• Remittance
Clients based outside the Philippines may continue to invest with any remittance centers that accepts payments to the Philippines.

Contact your agent or distributor to find the best option for you. For more information, visit or email

Thank you.