Fund Performance

Performance as of: November 21, 2017
   FUND NAVPS YTD Performance % Daily Change
    Philequity PSE Index Fund, Inc 5.4988 21.38% -0.4%
    Philequity Peso Bond Fund, Inc 3.4894 0.5% 0.07%
    Philequity Fund, Inc 40.1157 20.36% -0.36%
    Philequity Dollar Income Fund, Inc 0.0574807 1.96% -0.01%
    Philequity Dividend Yield Fund, Inc 1.3757 18.34% -0.36%
    PHISIX 8289.19 21.18% -0.39%

A mutual fund investment involves risk. The value of the fund may go up and down. Returns from this investment are not guaranteed by Philequity Management, Inc. Any gains or losses from the investment are solely for the account of the investor. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. A mutual fund is not a deposit product and is not insured with the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).